Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anna's First Haircut

Hey Everyone - we took Anna to get her first haircut last weekend. We finally convinced ourselves to let a professional do it since she's so squirmy. So, Seasson, Nana & I took Anna to "Haircuts for Peanuts" in Fairport. We decided to show up without an appointment and were turned away because the place was packed. To appease Anna's disappointment, Nana decided to get her new shoes - even an 18 month old can act like a girly girl because she loves these shoes.

The next day we went back and Anna behaved very well while getting her haircut. It was over after 3 snips....but those 3 snips were critical because image is everything in the toddler room at daycare.

She has a little bangs now to keep the hair out of her eyes and the back was all evened out.

We even got a first haircut certificate. Anna is going to need to learn how to smile in the "after" picture to really sell the product.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

San Diego Trip

Hey everybody - we just got back from San Diego. I was attending the American Thoracic Society conference during the day and hanging out with the family later in the day. Anna was well behaved on the planes but wanted to be awake the whole time. Here are some of the pics from our trip...

We went out to eat at all the hot spots - the Gaslamp distrinct, along the water, in Oldtown. While having dinner the waiter dropped a glass of ice water on Anna's head....she was mortified.

The hotel pool was a daily retreat for us. Anna puts her mouth and nose in the water when you show her how to blow bubbles. We'd like to get her back in the water regularly with swimming lessons again this summer.
Of course we had to visit the San Diego Zoo! The zoo was magnificent. The best aspect of the zoo was how the landscaping and botanical aspects were completely integrated with the exhibits - you really felt like you were in that area of the globe, especially in the enormous aviaries. Anna was a big fish fan and she also liked the giraffes and hippos.

But Anna's favorite part was the petting grotto. She chased the goats down and also got to play with sheep and bunnies.

So, will Anna turn into a butterfly one day?