Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winter Festival

So one of the slap-in-the-face things Seasson & I have noticed about Sioux Falls is that they love Christmas. I mean that people here crazy LUV it! The day after Halloween I can't tell you how many Christmas decorations and lights went up. Also, all those Olsens and Johnsons arn't afraid to scream that December is for Christmas and nothing else. There is a Winter Festival held down at Falls Park which consisted mostly of lights (see blurry pic), free hot cocoa and cookies, and a Santa appearance. While being incredibly popular it was pretty dull - good thing that Jill came with us.

We did get to ride the Sioux Falls trolley from the downtown area to the park which was fun for Anna.

We went shopping and had dinner downtown beforehand which was the best part of the night and we were able to pickup an early Christmas gift for ourselves - love it!

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